When it comes to an eCommerce Website For Your Business – It’s All About Results!

Have a look at the below reports showing the huge return on investment from two eCommerce website clients in Perth. We can’t take all the credit (our clients are amazing), but what these reports will show you is that our systems and strategies work for business owners in Australia.

As a Dhaka-based professional eCommerce website design company, we specialise in making your business money.

Let’s start at the beginning, does your company:

  • Already have a retail shop and would like to be open 24/7 if it were possible  (say if sleep wasn’t a requirement or overtime wasn’t a factor)?
  • Want to test the market before setting up a physical retail store?
  • Want to broaden your horizons and sell worldwide?

If you read the above and your head is bobbing about like a car dashboard novelty, then our web services can help you set-up a professional eCommerce website design with secure online payment facilities. It’s the ultimate solution for safely selling online. As an experienced, accomplished and professional eCommerce web design Dhaka company who services web design, we’ve got what it takes to create a web store you’ll be proud to call your own.

Dhaka-based or anywhere in Bangladesh or overseas, we can build an eCommerce website component on any company website within our content management system (CMS), we can even arrange web hosting if required to suit individual hosting requirements.

Shop Front Design

Your home page is your ‘shop front’. It’s where most will begin their shopping experience with you, so we want to make it as intuitive as possible for your customers. (Think about it. Everyone’s busy and no one likes searching aimlessly for stuff, whether on foot or on screen). During this phase of your eCommerce web sites design, we’ll work closely with your company to develop a home page that displays your product range in an obvious manner, so your customers can find what they’re looking for on your site and stay happy little Vegemites.

Product Display Design

Your home page design is now complete and it’s time to design your internal page. This is where you ‘close the deal’ with your customers, offering comprehensive product detail (photos, descriptions etc.). This is known as ‘display advertising’ and is a proven sales tool within newspapers and magazines. Your internal page is both your product display and sales person combined – and a professional web designer from our team will help you get it just right.

Shopping Cart
Setup & Integration

As with the actual supermarket, not all online shopping carts are created equal. Various online shopping carts have features which make life easier. How your customers shop, the nature of what you sell and how you process transactions will affect which shopping cart we recommend as the most powerful and convenient for you.

Search Engine Optimisation
(SEO) Integration

SEO is a specific way of writing online content to attract the highest amount of website visitors – and part of having an impressive new eCommerce web design is bringing in brand new visitors! We’ll optimise your website so that your business ranks highly across all search engines.