Web Development

Web Design & Development This course is designed for those who are trying to put their first step into the web development arena. By the end of this course you will have a comprehensive knowledge of HTML/CSS and have built several CSS based visual design features. You will be able to create first class accessible web designs using CSS for presentation and semantic mark up. You will also learn about cross browser support for CSS and many of the work around used in common practice. Course will be concluded by designing a full web design as a project. Pre requisite: Must have the fluent operating skill of Computer Must have the skill to use internet Must own/have access to a Personal Computer Learning Tools: * HTML(Hypertext Murcup Language) * CSS(Cascadding Style Sheet) * Java Script,Jquery,Php,Mysql Course Summary: Course Duration:3 Months, Total Class: 30, Course Fee: 8000 BDT Output of this course: (Upon completion of this course students will be able to:) * Semantic mark up ,HTML review and basics,HTML Advanced * Building layout with CSS ,CSS review and basics ,Some basic CSS properties,Creative artwork and CSS * PHP Basic,PHP Mail,MySql Database,Aggregate Functions