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At Object Canvas Technology, we are passionate about innovation and dedicated to crafting cutting-edge software solutions that empower businesses and individuals alike. Our team of skilled developers, designers, and engineers collaborates seamlessly to create custom-made software applications that address the unique needs of our clients. Our mission is to transform ideas into reality by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in the software industry. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in delivering high-quality products that drive efficiency, enhance user experiences, and fuel growth. Object Canvas Technology provides an array of Online Software Development, Web development, e-Commerce, Graphic Design, Online Branding, and Solutions for Your Business. We Specialize in Affordable Online Software Development & Web Development Solutions to help Supercharge your Business. We spent a lot of time studying, gathering information and finally came up with the best latest technology in the world. It’s the most powerful with many options and you will maintain it easily. We firmly believe that collaboration and continuous improvement drive success. Our team fosters an environment that encourages open communication, creativity, and knowledge-sharing, enabling us to stay at the forefront of the software development industry. Thank you for considering Object Canvas Technology as your trusted software partner. We look forward to embarking on exciting journeys with you, turning your visions into reality through the power of software innovation.

Custom Software Development 🙌

On Demand, We Deploy Elite Agile Product Teams.

Object Canvas Technology specializes in providing custom software development services. Get premium software solutions from a reliable outsourcing partner and set your business apart. Skilled teams that can design, build, space and scale your vision in the most efficient way.


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The Operation of Object Canvas Technology

We use agile methodology to complete tasks on time and with excellent quality. A company has the option of selecting the software outsourcing business model that best suits their requirements. We'll assist them in enhancing their core competencies.

Team Augmentation

Your internal team receives additional assistance from our team of knowledgeable software developers, resulting in a smoother workflow and communication. You can handle even the trickiest projects with our assistance.

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Project Development

Your ideas are taken by our team of professionals, who use an effective and economical procedure to turn them into first-rate products. By delivering goods that are prepared for user testing, we hope to ensure a smooth and effective launch.

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MVP Services

We are a seasoned MVP development company that can help you bring your idea to life. From conception and design to delivery and ongoing support, everything required for a successful launch is part of our end-to-end solution.

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Custome Development

Through an effective and economical procedure, our team of specialists takes your ideas and turns them into first-rate products. To ensure a smooth and successful launch, we strive to produce products that are ready for user testing.

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Efficient Outsourcing Service for Software Developmentstrong

We are committed to assisting you in establishing long-term commercial ties as your software development partner. We provide a range of outsourced services that can be customized to meet your unique requirements. All facets of software development, from business applications to mobile apps and everything in between, have been thoroughly covered by our team of professionals.

Design of Scalable Systems

A high-performing product that provides a customized answer for your company.

Cloud Services

Managed cloud services are offered by cloud outsourcing companies to enterprises.

DevOps Services

Services for DevOps consultancy based on contemporary tools & technology. the most effective programming language

Big Data & Data Science

Drive business transformation with data analytics

Database Management

DBMS define how users interact with datasets and how they relate to one another.

Embedded System Design

Offer professional services for designing embedded architecture and systems.

Mobile Application Dev

We create your apps for all of the available devices. modern technology utilization


Services for the entire software test lifecycle, from planning to execution.

UX Design

Your digital products and services' user experiences are made to be high-quality through UX design.

Our Products for Partners in Custom Software Development

Our business specializes in software outsourcing and offers clients all around the world reliable, scalable, and effective solutions. We pledge to offer premium services at reasonable costs. By offering the greatest software solutions, we hope to assist our clients in achieving their company goals.


DMS is a Smart Distribution Business Management System that provides account solutions,Purchase, Sales,SR Control,Stock, to users through a mobile app or website to account for and control their products

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A software for motorcycle showrooms. Which includes account settlement t, stock,sales, purchase, registration document preparation etc will provide benefits. It will become an important part of your showroom management.

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A software for electronics showrooms. Which will provide you with all the benefits including account settlement stock, cash sales,Hire sales,Installment date remind etc. It will become a part of your showroom management.

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Real Estate Management

It is a software for real estate management. Which will make your real estate business much easier. Here you will get accounts, Project wise estament,flat booking, installment date remind etc. . It will become an important part of your showroom management.

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Technology We Used

For businesses to remain competitive, creating unique software solutions has become a requirement. The most common technique for software development outsourcing is used by Object Canvas technique's technical competence.

Using The most Update Technology

The most experienced programmers should be entrusted with the new technology to create a more reliable and effective system.

By Using Our Innovative Software Solutions, We Can Strengthen Your Business

Years of research and development have gone into creating our software products, which are created with cutting-edge tools and industry best practices. Our products have been created to satisfy your unique demands, whether you're trying to increase productivity, simplify procedures, or gain a competitive edge.

Mobile Distribution

Mobile Distribution & Showroom Management Software is a comprehensive digital solution designed to streamline and optimize the processes involved in mobile device distribution and showroom management. This software caters to mobile manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, enabling them to efficiently manage inventory, sales, and customer interactions.

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POS System

POS (Point of Sale) Software is a specialized application used by retail businesses to manage sales transactions and streamline various operations at the point of sale. It serves as a central hub that combines hardware (such as barcode scanners, cash registers, and receipt printers) with software functionality to handle tasks like product scanning, inventory management, sales processing, and payment processing.

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Message from Our Client

More than a typical agency, we are. Look at our offerings for your company's needs in terms of services and solutions.


“Thank you, Object Canvas Technology, from the owner of TR Electromart Md Tenu, for supporting my vision. Their gifted developers helped create Customzied Software and are capable of overcoming any obstacles.”

“I am sincerely grateful to Object Canvas Technology for their unwavering support in bringing my vision to life. As the owner of Mimi Juwellers Sree Sumon Sarkar, I have had the privilege of witnessing the immense talent and dedication of their developers firsthand. With their expertise and ingenuity, they effortlessly crafted a Customized Software that perfectly aligns with our unique needs and requirements. Thank you, Object Canvas Technology, for being an invaluable partner on this journey.”


“I express my heartfelt gratitude to Object Canvas Technology for supporting my vision as the owner of Hazi Electronic, Md Aminul Islam. Their team of gifted developers showcased unparalleled expertise in crafting a remarkable Customized Software that perfectly addressed our unique needs. Notably, their ability to overcome any obstacles that emerged during the development process was truly commendable. Object Canvas Technology's dedication to our project played a vital role in its success, and I am genuinely appreciative of their unwavering commitment. Thank you once again for being an essential part of turning my vision into a reality.”

FAQ for Outsourcing Software Development

We are not just another type of agency. View our Solutions and Services for your business.

We at Object Canvas Technology take great pleasure in creating top-notch applications quickly. With the help of cutting-edge technologies like Java, Node.js, Angular.js, and React Native, our team of more than 25 seasoned engineers can create custom software solutions that offer our clients the most benefit. In order to maximize your return on investment, our staff is dedicated to providing results promptly and at a reasonable price.

We are aware of the need for dependable, secure, and reasonably priced software solutions that are created to satisfy each client's particular needs. Our experts can adapt our services to the precise requirements of your company because they have a wealth of experience creating custom apps. We provide complete software development solutions that can help you streamline your operations and increase productivity, ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

For end-to-end software development, Object Canvas Technology uses a tried-and-true methodology. This process entails gathering requirements, building a solution, testing the software, deploying the finished product, and maintaining it. To make sure your project is a success, you will work closely with our team of skilled software engineers at every stage.

The team augmentation procedure from Object Canvas Technology is created to effortlessly incorporate our skilled software engineers into your current development team. After working closely with you to comprehend your unique requirements and objectives, we will send you a team of engineers who are equipped to support you in achieving those objectives. To ensure that they are able to participate effectively and efficiently, our team members will collaborate closely with your team.

For the creation of mobile apps, Object Canvas Technology does really provide team augmentation services. A range of platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, can benefit from the high-quality, user-friendly mobile apps developed by our team of skilled software engineers. To guarantee that the mobile app development process runs smoothly and that the finished product satisfies your needs, our team members will collaborate closely with your team.

Numerous techniques, including Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban, have been used by us in the past. When necessary, we can modify our strategy to satisfy the demands of our clients. We use the agile Scrum technique in the majority of our software development projects. It enables quick iterations and continuous delivery, which is very helpful for projects where requirements are flexible.

Yes, the skilled software engineers on our staff can assist you in choosing the essential elements for your MVP. We will collaborate with you to comprehend your business objectives and target market before assisting you in prioritizing the features that will have the biggest influence. This will enable you to prioritize the most crucial features first while preserving the flexibility to add more features in subsequent versions.

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